DROKZ - kapot hard

DROKZ - Kapot hard

Drokz x Elitepauper Publishers present: DROKZ - Kapot hard

After two years of working very hard in complete secrecy, we can finally say it. Drokz and Elitepauper have written a book: DROKZ - really hard. From the Love Parade to the Fuckparade, Thunderdome to Masters of Hardcore, large main stages to the deep underground, hardcore to terror and from Monday evening TMF Hakkeeh! to night-long afterparties. This is the story of a real fan and a rebel through and through. The story of a street kid who became a celebrity at the height of the gabber hype. The story about the beginning of the Dutch terror scene. But also the finally told story of Masters of Hardcore and the rise, fall and resurrection of Thunderdome. It is a story that reads with a heartbeat of more than two hundred beats per minute. Full of pills, polder rock 'n' roll, brotherhood and a deep love for hardcore. This book was created in collaboration with Tails, Noizer, Waxweazle, Da Mouth of Madness, Akira, Outblast, Angerfist, Marc Acardipane, The Prophet, Thunderdome, Masters of Hardcore and many others.

Would you like to be updated in ten minutes about what we have done, hear part of the prologue and know why you should buy this book in pre-order. Then listen to it here .

Buy the limited edition Kapot Hard merch now in the pre-order, these are limited available and can only be purchased in combination with the book. By purchasing the book we enable you to purchase new Kapot Hard merch in the future. Long story short: you can only buy merch if you have purchased the book.

Go to our shop now and order that book (and that merch).

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