Elitepauper was created at the intersection of our love for traditional Dutch everyday things. The love for Hazes and half litres. The love for pounding gabbers, beats and bacon in the canteen. It arose from our love for everything that is seen as abnormal by the neighbors. Elitepauper is a novel, but also a t-shirt. It's tattoos and podcasts. It is a movement and a nickname. But above all, Elitepauper is a feeling.

We are there with respect for our past, and with the rebelliousness of the present. Elitepauper is an ode to our way of life, but especially an ode to you. Because we are there for the misfits, the cowboys, the black sheep, the nozems, the birds of paradise, the misfits and the free thinkers. We are there for those who are proud enough to dare to be different.

We are Elitepauper. Made in Holland. Designed in Veldhoven.