Een uur lang Elitepauper in de podcast Kleedkamer 4

An hour of Elitepauper in the podcast Dressing Room 4

Episode 17: Freek van Kraaikamp (Elitepauper)

Freek van Kraaikamp published the book Elitepauper in 2018, which stands for the love for hardcore, Hazes and half liters. Elitepauper may be a novel, but it is also about something bigger, about a feeling, about a box that is not a box. The people who share this feeling, 'the misfits, birds of paradise', 'the dissenters', often wear the t-shirt and about 80 of these fans even have an Elitepauper tattoo. Bas Hakker talks to Freek about how he promoted his book in a new way, a way that is very normal for him, but which shocked the publishing world. "I worked with Kim Holland, with Thunderdome. I understand that if you normally pitch Connie Palmen to De Groene that you are not looking forward to that.'' The core of the Elitepauper method? You build an audience, make sure you understand the people in that audience perfectly and create something that makes those people happy. It's not all that complicated, but you do have to have the balls and entrepreneurship to do it. But hey, that's not really a problem for the guy who drank Connie Palmen under the table. "I always have the feeling that people in the book trade mainly write for each other and not for the reader. Marketing is a dirty word there. I once said: 'Nothing has changed in terms of marketing in the book trade since De Avonden'. It's all very reactive; publish books and hope that De Volkskrant will write something nice."

Listen to the entire podcast here .

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