Ekte Verhalen Podcast - S03E11 - Stevan Zmiric

True Stories Podcast - S03E11 - Stevan Zmiric

In the eleventh episode of this season we introduce the elite to Elitepauper with a tattooed Frisian import Serb. As if that isn't reason enough to jump into this episode, we don't know what is more. The Ted Langenbach of the fair is the financial teacher for the RTL program Bulls & Bears. The Show Pony of Bux, reportedly Europe's fastest growing neobroker (What?! Yes, we didn't get it either. Let us explain.) we talk about life, love, having children (or not), growing up (or not) and about having money (or not). Two and a half hours of stiff talk. So block your mother, your colleague or your soon-to-be ex. Because they will have to make do without you for a while.

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