Ekte Verhalen Podcast – S1E1 – Richard ‘Drokz’ Koek

Ekte Verhalen Podcast – S1E1 – Richard 'Drokz' Koek

Drokz, alias 'Grandpa hardcore', is simply called Richard Koek at the coffee table in Alblasserdam. 47 years old and one of the most outspoken voices in the hardcore scene since gabber memory. His career of more than twenty-five years has taken him from MC to producer, from DJ to columnist. And by presenting the TMF program TMF Hakkeeh in its heyday, even becoming a celebrity for a short time. 'The gabber time in the 90s, try to imagine that. First you stand in the corner smoking weed and drinking, a few years later I know how many people see you as a star. I didn't understand it at all.' No, I can't imagine that. Certainly not here. He lights another Moods cigar, takes a drag and sinks back into perhaps the most comfortable couch I have ever seen.

Would you like to listen to the entire two-hour conversation? About the Hilversum media, Thunderdome, the rise, fall and rise of hardcore. About TMF Hakkeeh, instant and unsolicited celebrity status and the tears from your ass?

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