Ekte Verhalen Podcast – S1E4 – Sebastian ‘DJ Promo’ Hoff

Ekte Verhalen Podcast – S1E4 – Sebastian 'DJ Promo' Hoff

There was already a commotion before we even went live. That is Promo as we know it. Uncomplicated, straightforward and a hell of a career. One of the driving forces in the scene when the whole thing fell apart in the early 2000s. He broke through to the general public in the Sportpaleis and we spoke to him more than twenty years later in his new studio. In a house with chickens in the backyard, on a dike in a ribbon village in North Holland. And what a conversation it was. About 'the fall', the beauty of the dark years that followed, the influence of social media, having to make hits, Thunderdome, 3 Steps Ahead, ID&T and producing from yourself or for your audience. Two hours of striking texts from Promo, as you would expect from Promo. Listen, enjoy and shudder.


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