Ekte Verhalen Podcast – S1E5 – Jordy Dijkshoorn

Ekte Verhalen Podcast – S1E5 – Jordy Dijkshoorn

A few days after I sent the podcast to Jordy Dijkshoorn, I received a voice message via WhatsApp. His unadulterated, screeching Rotterdam drawl rolls out of the speakers of my phone. 'I love that ending piece of yours. That makes me think again. Maybe I'll stay alone, man. Have a nice beer, don't take anyone into account.' I smile, you can't get a bigger compliment. I caught up with Jordy Dijkshoorn, frontman of De Likt and part of Het Gezelschap, on his boat Delfshaven . We talked about the inevitable growing up, the thrill of dicking and the irresistible urge to let loose sometimes. The Rotterdam nozem, a man after my own heart.


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