Ekte Verhalen Podcast - S4E4 - Mark Schoones

True Stories Podcast - S4E4 - Mark Schoones

In the fourth episode of the fourth season of the Ekte Verhalen podcast we are guests of marketing phenomenon Mark Schoones. In his new office, in the heart of Amsterdam, next to a whorehouse, an unexpectedly deep conversation ensued. Not that we didn't expect to have a deep conversation with him, but we didn't anticipate this one. About the feeling of being in love when we have an unexpected weekday night out. The fear of the predictable. And the love-hate relationship we both have with mind altering and depressants. Is there a middle ground between going to the sharks every weekend and a sober existence? It was another Ekte Verhalen, as an Ekte Verhalen should be.

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