Het 'DROKZ - kapot hard' ebook is nu beschikbaar mét bonushoofdstuk.

The 'DROKZ - Broken Hard' ebook is now available with bonus chapter.

Not just from the Love Parade to the Fuck Parade. From Thunderdome to Masters of Hardcore. From the big main stages to the deep underground. But in this new ebook there is also a bonus chapter from the Bunker in Graz to the Fabrik in Madrid. Van Ouwe Stijl is Botergeil in Paradiso to hard swearing, a cursing Koek and a sighing Big Boy due to canceled flights and hardcore opponents. From shiny Madrid hotels to the blood on the wall (and on the shoes) in Austria.

Buy that ebook now, read the extra chapter and celebrate DROKZ's one-year anniversary together with Drokz and Elitepauper Publishers - really hard.

You buy it here . And below you can read a short preview of the extra chapter. Then you can already get in the mood.


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