S5E3 - Callum Aan

S5E3 - Callum On

The third episode of the fifth season of the Ekte Verhalen Podcast from Elitepauper was a podcast as we mean podcasting. A conversation about the meaning and nonsense of life. Go deep into the depths and laugh out loud at the same time. A conversation about pizza restaurants and dice. About nicknames and pills. About living without alcohol and only making things that you really like. About having trouble with the morning and wanting to ride all the waves of the night. About cowboying and taking risks. About being scared in the car and being surrounded by virgins during your studies. About being proud of yourself and always wanting to give. About the ADHD brain and forgotten vegetables. About being insecure as creative and taking risks with your business. That was an Ekte Verhalen podcast as an Ekte Verhalen podcast should be.

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