Stem ons in de MOH100 en ontvang het DROKZ - kapot hard bonushoofdstuk als dank.

Vote us in the MOH100 and receive the DROKZ - Broken Hard bonus chapter as a thank you.

Without any shame we will say it wholeheartedly: 'We want to be in the MOH100'. Simply because we want all our songs in the list, after EPP001: 'The land of hazes, hardcore and half liters' with Vandal!sm. We also want EPP002: Tails & Noizer - Early Rave Mix by Drokz in the list. As an ode to the gabber, to Tails, Noizer, Thunderdome '96 in the FEC, Dance or Die, the great Holyravers clip and to the old gabber feeling.

In return for your vote, in addition to eternal gratitude and fame, you will receive in your email the free bonus chapter of DROKZ - really hard that we wrote this summer. A leisurely journey from Hoofddorp to Dusseldorf, Graz, Munich and Madrid. From underground parties with blood on the walls, to slick hotels in the Madrid heat wave.

What should you do? Vote HERE! on Tails & Noizer - Early Rave Mix by Drokz in the MOH100. Confirm your vote in your mailbox, otherwise the vote will not count. Also check your voice. You will then receive a confirmation. If you forward that confirmation to, we will send you the free chapter in .pdf and a discount code for the paper versions of DROKZ - broken hard and Elitepauper.

Our gratitude is eternal and heartfelt.

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