Zwarte Schapen - S6E01 - Elitepauper

Black Sheep - S6E01 - Elitepauper

In Black Sheep, season six, episode one we speak with none other than 50% of the Elitepauper DJ team, 50% of the Elitepauper management and 100% of the visual heart of Elitepauper. Our mainstay, our base, our graphic conscience. The man with the sharpest eye and the fastest brush in all of Veldhoven, Knegsel, Eersel, Vessem and the surrounding area. The man who only needs an illegible scribble to create a worldly design. The man without whom Elitepauper would not be an Elitepauper. This podcast gives the floor to the man who is there for everything. Except for the shape. We kick off season six, the Black Sheep debut, with the one and only Paul Lakwijk in a conversation about meetups and apple juice. ADHD and a DJ team. Peace and unrest.

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